CBS Finalizes Fall Schedule

by Paul William Tenny

Quick news from Variety that CBS, like NBC a day ago, has set its new fall schedule in stone. Here's the goods on what to watch, and when. If you're curious, you can find more information on many of these shows from my article New Series on TV: CBS, written as a preview to the upfronts, which is a week-long period when all the networks announce what new shows they've ordered for the fall, along with what will and will not be renewed. Those posts are not hosted on this site as it did not even exist until a few days ago, but the information should be intact and usable.

  • Sept 19: Kid Nation
  • Sept 20: Suvivor
  • Oct 21, 8PM: Viva Laughlin

Two other shows are simply said to "roll out the week of Sept. 24." Not very helpful, are they? I'll see if I can get more information on and will provide if available.


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