Apologies For Missing Monday

by Paul William Tenny

My new and current Internet provider, WildBlue satellite service, appears to be an incompetent company to say the least. After 11PM EDT, the connection is extremely stable and fast. It degrades as morning rolls into afternoon, and becomes unstable as afternoon turns to night. Anywhere from 8PM through 11, it bounces between unstable and not working at all.
I wrote a utility to monitor the connection and ran it from this afternoon all through the night. The numbers are to put it lightly, pathetic. I don't know if this kind of service is typical of WildBlue during the week, or if we've had the bad luck of signing up around the same time as intermittent but fixable problems.

These service outages made posting between the hours of 7-11PM futile, although from 11PM onwards, service has been exemplary. Posts will probably be sporadic until this situation improves, and I'm glad this is happening during the site launch while my presence on Google is still very limited, and there is virtually no regular traffic to disappoint.

Given where I live, there are no other options available for high-speed Internet. This is the deal, so I hope the service improves. This country really has got to re-regulate the telecommunications companies, because this total lack of choice and access to landline high-speed is just retarded for the worlds richest nation and only super power.


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