6 entries from May 2009.

Ed Harris adds to growing opposition to SAG contract

Ed Harris has let his thoughts be known in a video opposing the tentative SAG contract, and he's sounding a lot like the writers did right before they struck the AMPTP.
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SAG's new leadership a lot like the old

Almost a year after their contract with the studios expired, the new "United for Strength" faction running SAG has the guild anything but united.

Some things are better left alone

The rights holder of the "Buffy" franchise are heading back to the cinema, perhaps even without Joss Whedon.

Watchmen postmortem

Eleven weeks later it looks certain that Watchmen was a blowout. (Updated)

Not bloody likely

Fox was quickly caught lying about the "missing 10 minutes" of footage in the Wolverine screener, but are they lying about lying?

Good news for Dollhouse, deceptive news for Ron Brown

Dollhouse gets renewed and Angels & Demons disappoints. Fox did the right thing, but did Sony?
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