2007-01-17: Created this page.
2007-10-19: Added "mediapundit" uid; changed primary uid to gmail; updated key prefs.
2008-07-15: Deleted expired signatures and refreshed my public key.

Key Details
pub   4096R/E6732141 2003-01-26
      Key fingerprint = 683F 9807 B7E1 6DDB 1512  59EF 4254 A5D6 E673 2141
uid                  Paul William Tenny <>
uid                  Paul William Tenny <>
uid                  Paul William Tenny <>
uid                  Paul William Tenny <>
sub   4096R/99131B12 2003-01-26
sub   1024R/8906309C 2006-05-10

Local copy of my public key. (Always most recent, use this.)
Remote with subkey support:

General Information
This key has two subkeys used for signing. 0x99131B12 is 4096-bit while 0x8906309C is 1024-bit. I tend to use the 4K key for everything except forums, because it can be a bit spammy. For that, I use the 1K key.

All this stuff is handled by GnuPG (GPG) 1.4.12. and Enigmail. If your software is OpenPGP compliant, chances are interoperability should exist.

Now that you can send me encrypted stuff, you can go here to find all the ways of contacting me.