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Why Eureka got canceled and Warehouse 13 didn't

Wondering why Eureka just got canceled with 1.87m viewers while Warehouse 13 with 1.82m did not? Find out.
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Ratings poo

The latest ratings are in and it's ugly for everyone but CBS. Fringe is down and probably on its way out while House is coming back. NCIS is destroying everything, including V, which is drawing dead.
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Piracy didn't kill Stargate Universe, or anything else

So few people pirate shows online, compared to the massive number of people that watch them live on television, that it's highly unlikely that any show has ever be killed by piracy. But there is another explanation for what happened to SGU.

TV ratings are not falling because of the iPhone

Is the increasing use of iPhone apps causing TV ratings to plummet? Seriously?

Network PR spin makes politics look like amateur hour

The contortions the big four networks twist themselves into in order to claim a ratings victory are so ridiculous that often times, two networks will claim to have "won" the same week at the same time.

Stargate Universe, Dollhouse gain viewers

Stargate Universe built its viewership from the pilot to the second episode, and Dollhouse grew a bit week-to-week but found 50% more people when DVRs are factored in, one of the best on all of television.
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Dollhouse and Terminator continue to struggle

Dollhouse lost viewers in its second week after an already disappointing series premier.
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NBC sees Super ratings for Super Bowl, dies

The Steelers victory over the Cardinals in Super Bowl 43 was the second-most-watched Super Bowl in history, and third best overall.

NBC losing viewers at same rate as Heroes

NBC appears to be losing prime-time viewers at nearly the same rate as Heroes. Perhaps it's time to stop blaming Heroes for the failures of its network.

Prison Break purged, is SCC next?

Prison Break has been canceled and will not see a fifth season. Will ratings-challenged Terminator follow?
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On the matter of unstable TV shows

Taking a look at Heroes, Pushing Daisies, Terminator, Sanctuary, Lipstick Jungle, My Own Worst Enemy and Prison Break and how each ratings-troubled show has been treated differently under similar circumstances.
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Clone Wars and Sanctuary struggle

Two shows with a lot of hype have failed to deliver; Clone Wars and Sanctuary have consistently lost viewers week-to-week.

THR: Prez debates were "low rated" at 53+ million viewers

THR writer Paul Gough says that the presidential debates which all got more than 52 million viewers was "low rated" and "dull" and that people really wanted more gaffes and mud slinging.

While you were sleeping

Bush the movie does well but Max Payne wins the weekend; SAG calls for a federal mediator to intervene; The Sarah Connor Chronicles gets a full season; THE DEBATES ARE FINALLY OVER!

People are leaving network TV, not TV in general

Taking a look at the broadcast and cable network landscape to shoot down the myth that people are ditching television en masse.

40 million people watched the VP debate

Network ratings for the only VP debate this year were big, but somewhat spread out. The only real loser was Fox in a distant fourth place.

Ratings notes for Monday and Tuesday

Ratings notes for Monday and Tuesday, September 29-30 2008: Heroes and House down a little, Fringe up a little; Terminator still stinks, reality programming still rocking.
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Reality and CSI crush the competition (2008/09/22)

The Monday ratings are in for 2008/09/22. Good news: Heroes is still killing in the demo, and reality is still the big draw. Bad news: Terminator isn't rebounding and reality hasn't gone away yet.
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Fox crashing on Mondays, booming on Tuesdays

The Sarah Connor Chronicles continues to bleed viewers and Prison Break isn't fairing much better which lands Fox solidly in third for Monday night. Tuesday, however, is another story.
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NBC wins ratings race for a week

NBC won last week (Sept. 8-14) in the overall ratings while Fox placed last amongst the big four.

Hollywood Reporter strikes out

The 2008 MLB All-Star game crushed competition on the other networks, but what's new for Fox?

Preliminary Emmy list out

The 2008 Emmy Award preliminary list is out.
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Jericho an example of finite-length serial drama

While catching up on DVR stuff (20+ hours of backlog) I managed to snag the season debut of Jericho on CBS West. Now I haven't got a lot to go on here, but I'm just not getting good vibes.The ratings were just about where the show left off when it was canceled, which is better than I expected after such a long time off, though they should have been a lot better with no other real scripted competition to deal with. With a slashed budget and slightly smaller cast, you'd figure that identical ratings to what it was canceled would actually work in its favor since CBS is getting the same number of peepers and the same advertising dollars, yet...

Giants win big, but Fox wins bigger

So everyone knew that Fox was going to set a ratings record on Sunday with probably the most anticipated Super Bowl in history, and neither the football teams nor Fox would disappoint. Point in fact, this was the most watched Super Bowl in history, pulling in a monster 65 share, or just under 100 million people screaming from the couch, squirming in the chair, and gusty gamblers in Vegas raking in a fortune.To give you an idea of just how big that is, American Idol was pulling in about 32-37 million viewers in its most popular year, while the best performing scripted dramas average in the low 20s. So yeah, this Super Bowl tripled up on American Idol, I shit...

NBC wins a little, losses a little with the writers strike

Here's a thought: NBC seems like it has benefited the most from the writers strike, and is also suffering the worst of it. How funky is that? They won Monday outright, and came in second on "American Idol Tuesday." Without Idol, NBC may have won that day, too. And yet here is a network that has be stuck in fourth for the past few years after the demise of its extremely popular sitcoms, giving money back to advertisers because it knew it couldn't meet its ratings promises.A recent earnings report showed that for parent General Electric, USA out-earned NBC by a ratio of nearly 6:1, and the once great broadcast net is not doing any upfront sales this year and...

American Idol sees worst ratings in 4 years

I should have written a few things yesterday when I had the chance, because wouldn't you know it, it snowed in this area of North Carolina for the first time in like 2-3 years, and old 'net connection cried itself to sleep this morning and for most of the afternoon. Probably do the same thing on Saturday.What could possibly cheer me up more than having the connection back? Seeing that American Idol had its worst ratings in the past four years. They were still monster, but if the first episode back is any indication, then this show has seen all the growth it was going to."Idol" received a 13.8 rating among adults 18 to 49, according to national Nielsen data....

Sarah Connor Chronicles craters

I still haven't gotten around to watching the new Terminator TV spin-off, so it's interesting to see other people's reactions without being tainted by my own. Interesting meta aside, what is concrete and definitely not good is how amazing the ratings were for the pilot, and what a huge drop there was between that, and the second part (or was it the second episode?) on Monday evening.Sunday: 11.1 rating, 17 share (huge)Monday: 6.2 rating, 9 share (-52%)9 is still good, but oh my god what a huge drop. Just an absolute ton of people stuck around after the football game to watch that pilot, and yet half of them didn't bother to come back just 24 hours later.That, my friends,...

Variety spins the late night wars into a victory for..the AMPTP

Best friend of the poor, blue-collar working (billion dollar multi-national) media corporations, Variety, has a story up that must have the AMPTP CEOs dancing on their boardroom tables (rumor: boardroom tables have been sold at auction to make up for hundred-million-dollar losses due to strike):Writers or no writers, Jay Leno is still TV's latenight leader.In its first three nights back on the air last week, NBC's "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" easily beat CBS' "Late Show With David Letterman" in all key categories, according to final Nielsen data released Thursday. "Late Night With Conan O'Brien," whose host is also operating sans scribes, topped the WGA-blessed "Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson."A couple of things worth nothing here, first being...

American Gladiators big, but no match for NFL playoffs

NBC scored very well with the completely pathetic renewal of American Gladiators on Sunday night, hauling in a hefty 12 million viewers to win its time slot and stands as a network best season premier. Then again, there isn't exactly a lot else to watch on NBC and the other networks with the writers strike dragging on into its third month.Even so, CBS still crushed competition for the night with its AFC wildcard game between the Titans and Chargers, with a monster 32 share. Even 60 minutes with Roger Clemens bought home the bacon, boring a record 20 million people to death and making us all ponder what life would be like on dry land.The rest of the ratings slog...
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USA is killing NBC

I don't know what's worse in this deal, USA (the cable net) nearly trumping The CW in yearly ratings, or USA absolutely killing NBC in profit making for parent GE. Who cares about the peacock, writers need to concentrate all their fire on USA if they really want to hurt that conglom.$100 million (NBC) profit in 2007, versus $600 million for USA, which can't even begin to compare in ratings, even though NBC is typically a distant fourth year-after-year."USA's profits are outlandish, considering that the network was kind of tattered and sluggish when NBC bought Universal" in 2003, says Hal Vogel, the veteran showbiz analyst and head of Vogel Capital Management. (At the time, Universal was the parent company of...

WGA condemns Leno; Wins latenight ratings

Nikki Finke's revelation that a clique of "A-list'ers" within the writers guild are plotting against the leadership -- which ought to send Kay Reindl into a fatal seizure if she's true to her "shoot all traitors" philosophy -- and will go fi-core to escape the strike and go back to work if the WGA doesn't accept pretty much whatever deal the DGA gets from the AMPTP, doesn't sound like it's panning out.In addition to the "are they or aren't they" debate, Jay Leno received a lashing from the WGA over writing his own monologue for last nights return to the air....
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Patriots & Giants draw record numbers

Here's a fact that surprised absolutely nobody: Sunday's game between the Patriots and Giants pulled in a bit over 34 million viewers spread across two national broadcast networks and one cable channel, the latter being owned by and displaying only NFL content.Ultimately I think it's kind of funny, that with NBC and CBS fighting each other for viewers that neither one ended up with terribly impressive numbers. Almost 16 million people opted to watch the game on CBS, while 13 million eyeballed NBC. If either had won out, they'd have been sitting on nearly 30 million viewers, up there in American Idol territory.For whatever reason, 4.5 million people watched the game on the NFL Network, which considering the importance of...

'Shrek The Halls' obliterates competition

No seriously, when I say Shrek The Halls absolutely killed everything in its path, I'm not exaggerating here or merely comparing it to whatever else was on TV during the same hour that night. According to the guys in the know (you know, those pesky Neilsen "people") Shrek The Halls pulled in an 19 share the other night that will guarantee about 50 more Shrek specials down the road.It teamed with animated classic "Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Classic" to produce the best young-adult ratings for any entertainment program in the 8 o'clock hour -- on any night, on any net -- since last May's season-ender of "American Idol" on Fox.I had no earthly clue a half-hour special, even...

Dexter is murder for Showtime ratings

I don't know if you've ever seen Dexter before, but it's a really great show. Don't get a chance to see very many since it's on Showtime and I think paying for more channels twice is kind of absurd, but I've seen a few. More than enough to know I'd be a die hard fan if it was airing on a network, or even a basic-cable channel like FX. It would fit in perfectly with Nip/Tuck and Rescue Me, don't you think?Anyway, those guys over there have a lot to be happy when Dexter apparently broke a ratings record for Showtime, so says Reuters. Kind of funny when you consider Showtime foaming at the mouth over 1.2 million viewers when...

On Sunday, Everybody Wins (Ratings)

Everybody except CBS, anyway, but it serves them right for squandering Lost and torturing us with Kid Nation, right? NBC is seeing numbers unlike those since Must See Thursday moved into the retirement home, with football providing a score for the network which saw nearly 17 million people watch the San Diego Chargers upset the Indianapolis Colts 23-21 last night.Fox did very well with Cowboys vs NY Giants, though not nearly as well as NBC did. While NBC is expected to the night overall, ABC had the most watched show of the evening with Desperate Housewives, hauling 18.5 million eyeballs (or would that be 37 million eyeballs?) - but don't expect that to last. According to the strike chart, Housewives...

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