6 entries from June 2010.

Is Hulu Plus vs. Netflix even a meaningful comparison?

NewTeeVee asks who has the advantage in Netflix vs. Hulu, but here's why it's not a fair fight to begin with.

Hulu ducks behind a pay wall

Hulu has announced a new $10/month service that opens access to entire seasons of TV shows with new streaming capabilities on mobile devices.

The sad state of MGM

The failed auction-sale of MGM has left its creditors desperate for a quick fix.

DGA President jumps in Viacom vs. YouTube fray

Directors Guild of America president Taylor Hackford gets a lot wrong in whining about Viacom's defeat at the hands of YouTube in a case asking for over $1 billion in damages.
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Big Business doesn't always get what it wants

Some people think YouTube's win over Viacom is unfair, but can't really argue that it was wrong.

BP turns to Hollywood for ideas to stop oil gusher

James Cameron has been brought in to brainstorm ideas for stopping the oil gusher in the Gulf. Has it really come to that?

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