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Looky what I have

I have on my desk the next two un-aired episodes of Stargate Universe.

Ausiello's list of which TV shows are getting voted off the island

Michael Ausiello shares his list of shows that are coming back, on the bubble, and being buried as we speak.

Stephen King: When I heard about Leno's new show, my heart sank

Stephen King writes about how he's glad that the Jay Leno experiment failed, even though he likes Leno personally.
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NBC probably violated Conan O'Brien's contact

I'm a little late to the party, but I fully agree with THR after THR viewed and explained Conan's contract with NBC: NBC very clearly violated it.
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Google Buzz

You can follow me on Google buzz.

MGM is screwing Stargate fans

MGM is charging more for half a season of Stargate Universe on DVD than the most recent full season of House costs.
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Michael Shanks is wrong - SG-1 is not dead

Michael Shanks thinks Stargate SG-1, even in the form of DVD movies, is dead. He's wrong.
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