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USA would be a good fit for Conan; forget HBO

Rumors abound and shallow hacks take cheap shots.

Done deal: Conan to leave with $32 million

Wire reports are saying that the deal for NBC to pay Conan O'Brien to surrender The Tonight Show and leave the network has been finalized.

CBS refuses to release public domain, un-aired TV show episodes

Fans and representatives of Jack Benny's estate have discovered a cache of unaired episodes (in the public domain) in CBS's archives -- and they refuse to release them.

FOX developing American-ized Torchwood

THR is reporting that FOX is developing an American version of the British sci-fi show Torchwood, but it's already got problems.

MGM's problem is Stargate's problem

The delay on the anticipated Stargate movies can be traced back to a single road block: MGM's financial woes.

Paramount effectively reboots Paranormal Activity

As a reward for handing them a complete film shot on the cheap with somebody else's money -- a movie that made $141 million at the box-office (it cost $15,000 to shoot), Paramount is pushing aside Oren Peli for a new writer and director for a sequel to Paranormal Activity.

NBC pushed out the wrong man

NBC followed my advice (which they obviously never saw), but they fired the wrong guy, and it's going to cost them dearly.
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Hollywood unions strangely absent from health care debate

Some unions are making ground on exempting themselves from health care reform taxes, or at least improving the terms.
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Don't believe the media lies, Conan hasn't quit. Yet.

More rumors about Leno and O'Brien (no, Conan hasn't quit yet) and what they said during their monologues last night.
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NBC Nightmare: Conan says he'll fight moving the Tonight Show

More trouble for NBC as Conan O'Brien releases a statement (included) saying that he would not go along with NBC's plans to move The Tonight Show back to 12:05, if he has any say.
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Spider-Man 4 goes up in smoke, but why?

Sam Raimi and Tobey Macguire are off the franchise and Sony is headed for the total reboot of a massively successful franchise that raked in $2.5 billion and was destined for much more.
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Forget Leno and O'Brien, is NBC helping itself?

Leno and O'Brien may be grabbing the headlines, but it shouldn't distract us asking what this is doing for NBC.
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The Media Pundit most read posts from 2009

Here lay the most read posts of 2009, following 2008 and 2007 (links to the other posts included at the bottom of this one.)

The Media Pundit most read posts from 2008

After recapping the most read posts from the inaugural year of 2007 yesterday, today I'll go over the most read posts of 2008 -- now expanded to the top 10 posts.

The Media Pundit most read posts from 2007

With 2 1/2 years in the books, I'm recapping the most read posts since The Media Pundit launched, beginning with 2007.

A greenlight for Green Lantern, or a rumor?

Rumors are out that Green Lantern has gotten a green light to go into production, but there's a small catch.

FOX pulls reprehensible show for wrong reasons

A sick little reality show from FOX and Mark Burnett that pits child geniuses against experts for money is being re-shot after problems from Standards and Practices.
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Stop whining about Lost getting bumped by the SOTU speech

There are things in life more important than TV shows like Lost, and the State of the Union is one of them.

Sam Mendes on as consultant for Bond, not director

True to form, the erroneous headline I highlighted from Cinematical yesterday has already turned out to be wrong.
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Netflix/Warner Brothers deal is a de facto price increase

Netflix has struck a deal with Warner Brothers that will force Netflix customers to buy new releases or rent them from a store if they want to see them in the first 30 days of release.

MGM moving forward on next Bond, despite financial woes

MGM is reportedly negotiating with Sam Mendes to direct the next Bond flick, but they still may not have the money to move to production when the time comes.

Did Lost/ABC just rip off Battlestar Galactica?

Did Lost and ABC just steal an idea from Battlestar Galactica to tease the final season? Yep.

Non-franchise sequels you'd like to see

An online poll conducted by movietickets.com lists the top five non-franchise films that people want to see a sequel for. It is...interesting.

40 nominations and 18 wins for Inglourious Basterds so far

Listing all the nominations and awards received by Inglourious Basterds in anticipation getting a Best Picture Oscar nod.

Inglourious Basterds gets a Best Picture nod from OFCS

Inglourious Basterds has been nominated for Best Picture by the Online Film Critics Society, will an Oscar nod be next?

Amanda Tapping talks Sanctuary with CliqueClack

Amanda Tapping recently sat down to talk Sanctuary with CliqueClack.

Record box-office, labor strife, and more top stories of 2009

A bullet-proof box -office, Tarantino is back, and the switch to high-def top the list of biggest 2009 entertainment stories that don't include the soap-opra lives of celebs or politics.

Hulu approaching 1 billion video streams per month

Hulu is reaching 1 billion video streams per month, despite traffic stagnation, but are they moving forward and innovating, or just existing?

Fan-made Zelda movie squashed by Nintendo

A fan-made movie based on the Zelda game franchise that was four years in the making and had screenings in New York and Los Angeles has been squashed by Nintendo for rights violations.

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