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NYT misses what makes TV remakes fail

Why do television remakes fail? The New York Times asks the question but misses the answer, but it's not so hard to find as you might think.

Sci-fi masters, or confused bloggers?

Another day, another misguided list of supposed science fiction from io9 that forgot to bring the science fiction.
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U.S. House passes bill to limit TV commercial volume

The U.S. House of representatives has passed a bill that would limit the volume of commercials to an acceptable standard in line with the original programming.

FBI captures movie pirates now, instead of terrorists

The FBI has arrested a man for leaking an early copy of Wolverine online, rather than, say, hunting terrorists, serial killers, or fraud and identity theft rings.

Still not your daddy's Sci-Fi

The misapplication of "sci-fi" to many shows that are no such thing is making it almost impossible to actually discuss sci-fi at all.

Verdict: Stargate Universe stands on its own

Judging by the first half season, I'd call Stargate Universe a real success with a few minor caveats.

Repost: How NBC can get its groove back

NBC needs bold leadership willing to take risks and ignore conventional wisdom to get back into the game. Here's how.
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How NBC can get its groove back

NBC has made a number of fundamental mistakes that can be overcome with proper leadership and the willingness to take some risks.

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