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Top entertainment stories, or top media fascinations?

MSNBC's list of the top 10 entertainment stories of 2008 gets reshuffled according to their actual impact on our culture and society, rather than based on media obsession.

SAG delays strike authorization vote

The Screen Actors Guild notified their membership late Monday night that the January 2nd strike authorization vote would be postponed in lieu of a national board meeting in the 12th and 13th.

When criticism becomes reverse-fanboyism

When you're using industry-standard cherry picked quotes from critics as a point to attack a film maker -- a studio sin -- you're delving into reverse-fanboy territory.
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This is what's wrong with TV

Scheduling games are a perfect example of network TV disrespecting the people they rely on for their business.

Five free pieces of advice for the Networks

Five free pieces of advice for the TV networks on how not to drive me into selling my TV.

Why is Frank Miller pushing crap?

One early review of The Spirit says it's worse than Battlefield Earth. How much longer can Frank Miller play games before he loses the chance to make a sequel to Sin City?
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Robert Carlyle cast in Stargate Universe

Actor Robert Carlyle has been cast in the role of Dr. David Rush in the third Stargate series franchise set to launch this summer, Stargate Universe.

New on DVD: The Mummy 2, Ice Road Truckers, more..

New on DVD: The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Ice Road Truckers, Jurassic Fight Club, Swingtown (Season 1), Mr. Bean, more..

A SAG state of things

The sorry state of labor unity is laid bare as the regional New York board is demanding an emergency meeting of the national board to avert a strike auth vote they had previously supported.

New on DVD: Lost, The Wire, Deadwood, Dr. Seuss, more..

New on DVD: Lost, The Wire, Deadwood, Dr. Seuss, more..

Screen Actors Guild sets strike vote for Jan. 2

The Screen Actors Guild has set the date of January 2nd for their strike authorization vote.

Shows like Heroes may give rise to new type of series

The fine folks over at CliqueClack gave me the opportunity to write a guest post on their site about my favorite thing: television.
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SAG summary and WGA starts legal action against AMPTP

A summary of the past month's labor news, including the WGA filing legal arbitration against the AMPTP for not honoring the 2008 MBA.
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Tropic Thunder, Wall-E, Hellboy II top DVD rental charts

Tropic Thunder, Wall-E, and Hellboy II top the rental charts through November 23rd.

Not done dumping on SCC by a long shot

Taking on Bob Degon, point-by-point, five reasons why Terminator: SCC is anything but one of the best shows on television.
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New on DVD: X-Files, Mythbusters, Narnia, more..

Recently released on DVD: Law & Order, X-Files (movie), SNL, Narnia, Casablanca (ultimate collectors edition), MythBusters, more..

Bond may have finally met his match

Quantum of Solace hasn't been quite as impressive as Casino Royale was at the box office, but even with Daniel Craig revitalizing the franchise, is it too late to stop The Bourne Phenomena?

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