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Terminator is stuck in the mud

If Fox and the folks making the Sarah Connor Chronicles want to win back the fans, they need to find a way to move this series forward instead of drifting aimlessly.

Twilight rocked 'em

Summit Entertainment's vampire Flick did big business over the weekend and like any greedy studio, they are already talking about shooting back-to-back sequels.

Here we go again -- SAG asking for strike vote

The Screen Actors Guild has announced that a federal mediator has failed to work out a solution, will seek strike authorization vote.

Paging Doctor Greene

Looking at Anthony Edwards' return to E.R., and two contrasting shows that in the day and age of half-season orders, managed to stay on the air for a decade.
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How to save Heroes: Let it go

Heroes is still losing viewers and the possible return of Bryan Fuller may be the shot in the arm that this series needs to return to former glory, or maybe it's just time to let it go.

High ticket sales, a franchise does not make

Twilight is selling a lot of tickets in advance of its opening amongst women, but nothing about this movie is screaming success to me.

On the matter of unstable TV shows

Taking a look at Heroes, Pushing Daisies, Terminator, Sanctuary, Lipstick Jungle, My Own Worst Enemy and Prison Break and how each ratings-troubled show has been treated differently under similar circumstances.
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A final word or two on Sanctuary

A final few words on Sanctuary, including highlights of criticism from Alex Epstein and some bad reviews from Meta Critic.

Joe Scarborough's potty mouth earns tape-delay

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough let loose some language a few days ago that earned his show a seven second tape-delay, perfectly illustrating the rank hypocrisy of Republicans generally and the unnecessary existence of FCC censorship specifically.
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Scifi Channel renews Sanctuary

The Scifi Channel has renewed Sanctuary for another season, but it may be more of a result of the troubled economy than anything.

Fox's schizophrenic schedule screws Dollhouse

Why does Fox hate Joss Whedon?
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MSNBC Extends Keith Olbermann's Contract

NBC-Universal has renegotiated Keith Olbermann's contract which keeps the Countdown host with MSNBC through 2013 for an estimated $7.5 million per year.

This is a bad idea

When you start firing cast members and writers/producers, you might as well hit yourself in the face with an axe for all the good it will do. Knight Rider, meet axe..

Clone Wars and Sanctuary struggle

Two shows with a lot of hype have failed to deliver; Clone Wars and Sanctuary have consistently lost viewers week-to-week.

Michael Crichton was no saint

Michael Crichton held some questionable views and did some despicable things in his later years that blunts the mourning over his early passing, at least for this author.

First up on post-election theater: censorship at the high court

The big four networks battled the FCC in arguments before the Supreme Court yesterday in an on-going war over foul language and censorship.
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