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DHD publishes part 1 of SAG/AMPTP series

Taking a look at the first part in a three-part series on the SAG/AMPTP negotiations as written by Nikki Finke for Deadline Hollywood.
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Wall*E beats Jolie's Wanted, or does it?

Pixar's big ticket Wall*E faces off against Angelina Jolie's first financially successful pic.
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Preliminary Emmy list out

The 2008 Emmy Award preliminary list is out.
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Pilot and screener leaks just don't matter

NewTeeVee lists all the new fall pilots on the file sharing networks and I wonder why we're even giving attention to such a small, irrelevant thing.
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NBC rebuked in accounting fraud lawsuit

Actor Jack Klugman won a court order to have his old Qunicy M.E. contract copied and released to him by NBC Universal in a brewing battle over accounting disagreements.

WGA likens product integration to paid programming

The WGA is going all out to fight against 'product integration', the practice of inserting products as props and changing story lines to advertise events and services.

If it's Kevin Smith or the MPAA, the MPAA has to go

The MPAA doesn't have it out for Kevin Smith, they are simply the remnants of a bygone era that needs to be replaced or shut down altogether.
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SAG seeks contract extension, gets owned by Judge

SAG is ordered by a judge to stop suing advertisers in disputes over health and pension fund contribs; seeks extension to contract expiring in 5 days.
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It's business as usual for besieged New Line

New Line's new chief dumps a hotly anticipated horror flick in order to clear the schedule for something he previously produced. And New Line is better how?

SAG and AMPTP deadlocked with strike in sight

Negotiations between SAG and AMPTP haven't amounted to much, and with the new fall season in full production and Comic-Con coming up in a few weeks, are we in for another strike?
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Ron Moore's new show finds its star

Ron Moore's new sci-fi show on Fox has dug up the former star of New Amsterdam to lead a spaceship crew living in a virtual reality environment.
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Pictures and spoilers from the set of Heroes

As the third season production of Heroes kicks into high gear, set pictures and plot spoilers abound.
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Movies, TV shows recently released on DVD

10,000 B.C., The Spiderwick Chronicles, Ice Road Truckers, Criss Angel, Futurama, The New Adventures of Old Christine, recently released on DVD and more..

SAG contact expires in a few days

Two Heroes stars talk the upcoming third season, Entertainment Weekly thinks Saved by the Bell is a new TV classic, and more quick links..
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In which I dump a bunch of Stargate links on you

A collection of interviews and news stories on Stargate Atlantis, Continuum, and even some BSG from the past month.
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Michael Bay to Megan Fox: Just look hot ok?

The follow-up to Michael Bay's huge Transformers blockbuster is showing cracks at the script level, and all Bay do for directing Megan Fox is to tell her to "look hot."
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Fringe pilot really was leaked

The Fringe pilot was leaked two months early, and nobody really cares.

George Carlin passed away

Iconic comedian George Carlin passed away Sunday

Hulk vs. Hulk vs. The Happening

Did the new Incredible Hulk do better than Ang Lee's version, and did The Happening do better because it will earn a profit?

Happy 100,000th visitor...you're fired.

What Google giveth, it can taketh away -- 24 hours after celebrating 110,000 visits, a pagerank update cuts our traffic by nearly 70%.

Media Pundit hits the big 100k

The Media Pundit reaches 100,000 views just before the first year anniversary.

On lost icons and naughty thespians

Ruminating on the loss of Tim Russet, Stan Winston, and how much I wish we could "lose" Katherine Heigl somewhere, preferably in a desert or a crowded mall.
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Movies, TV shows recently released on DVD

Recently released movies, recently released TV shows; Burn Notice, E.R., Jericho, Meerkat Manor, Sabrina, Dynasty, Transformers, Fool's Gold, more..

AP stories embargoed until further notice

After the Associated Press' attack on bloggers, they are no longer welcome here at The Media Pundit.

Martin Wood talks Sanctuary, Canadian productions

Stargate producer Martin Wood talks about his new web-to-TV series 'Sanctuary', and the struggle to compete with instead of serve the American TV market.
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'Hulk', 'The Happening' bring interesting weekend

Two hit-or-miss films opened well in a surprising weekend, proving critics and nay-sayers wrong -- Norton's 'Hulk' and Shyamalan's 'The Happening' get it done in theaters.
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Scribes walk off Sony show over labor jurisdiction

Writers who were working without a contract in good faith have walked off production of a Sony/Fox show after being promised WGA coverage, only to have it denied.
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Battlestar finale anything but "jaw-dropping"

Friday's Battlestar Galactica mid-season finale was anything but "jaw-dropping".

Vanity Fair doesn't get it

Vanity Fair quantifies blogs as news/opinion and earnest/scurrilous, proving they have no idea what they are talking about.

MediaPundit.net gets two new features

Mediapundit.net gets two new features: new comment notification via email and threaded comments.

Heigl's comments a 'slap in the face'

A Grey's Anatomy insider speaks out on controversial comments by star Katherine Heigl, saying they were a "slap in the face."

After today, no more BSG 'till 2009

After tonight, there won't be any new Battlestar Galactica until next year at the earliest. Why does the Scifi Channel hate BSG so much?

Katherine Heigl says her writing staff sucks

Katherine Heigl bowed out of the Emmys this year because she thinks her writing staff failed her.
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Darabont's original Indy IV script leaked

Frank Darabont's script for Indy IV has leaked, and one review says that Spielberg and Lucas should have stuck with what they had.

Straczynski's Jeremiah coming to Scifi

Jeremiah, a short-lived drama by J. Michael Straczynski and Sam Egan is making its way to the Scifi Channel in July,
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E! interviews Heroes cast on third season

With the third season of Heroes in production, interviews with the cast and news about the fall premier are making their way out.
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Movies, TV shows recently released on DVD

Recently released movies, recently released TV shows 7th Heaven, Army Wives, Fantastic Four, Home Improvement, The Bucket List, Jumper, more..

What ever happened to Postal?

Infamous German director Uwe Boll's latest, a film based on the video game Postal, was nowhere to be seen last month when it was due for theatrical release.

MPAA censorship has got to stop

Kevin Smith's online-only teaser for his new comedy -- Zack & Miri Make a Porno -- has been censored by the MPAA.

McG blogs from set of Terminator flick

Director McG blogs from the set of Terminator: Salvation in New Mexico.

Academic conference studies Whedon Universe

Academics gather to discuss the Joss Whedon universe.

Zak Penn wins sole credit on new Hulk film

A WGA credit arbitration committee hands sole credit to the scripts original author, Zak Penn, over a rewrite by star Edward Norton.
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Are vanity cable channels the future?

The NFL passes up a grand opportunity to launch award winning original programming on its own cable channel in favor of Showtime. Will DirecTV lead the way instead?
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Clinton's loss is a win for creative freedom

Hillary Clinton's failed presidential campaign is a small victory for those who oppose media censorship, at least for now.

New TV shows and movies released on DVD

The Dead Zone, Weeds, Rescue Me, The Andromeda Strain, Doctor Who, Meet the Spartans and more new on DVD.

Five changes for a better TV experience

Fox has pledged fewer commercials for Dollhouse and Fringe, but here are four more things they can do to make the TV viewing experience better.
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At least my studio isn't on fire

"Raging Inferno" isn't the title of a film, just a really bad pun when Universal City Studios caught fire over the weekend, sending billions of tons of ego and hot air into the atmosphere.

Massive fire at Universal Studios (Pictures)

A large fire has consumed a film vault and a number of iconic sets at Universal Studios, their seventh fire in their nearly 100 year history.

Top 5 posts for May 2008

Top 5 New posts and overall posts for the month of May, 2008.

Dina Lohan is a great parent

Dina Lohan has caused a minor uproar by exposing her 14-year-old daughter to smut while filming an episode of her reality show. Cool..
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